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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Do you need progressive lenses, distance spectacles or are computer spectacles the better solution?

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Progressive lenses from Rodenstock

Infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances with customised progressive lenses.

Continuous sharp vision

Optimal vision up close, at a distance, and in the intermediate range with Rodenstock progressive lenses

As the name suggests, a progressive lens provides progressive power, and infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances. Because progressive lenses are able to correct defective vision for far and near at the same time. As there is no visible edge in the lens and the power changes are not recognisable from the outside, progressive lenses also have aesthetic benefits.


When would a progressive lens be useful?

Our eyes change as we get older. This means that when we become middle-aged the eye lens is no longer quite as elastic. It becomes increasingly difficult for the eyes to switch between near and distance vision – the eyes need some assistance. Progressive lenses are the ideal solution here. Because with progressive lenses you don't have the annoying and inconvenient task of changing spectacles.

The best vision ever – with progressive lenses from Rodenstock

    • Short acclimatisation period

      thanks to maximum wearer tolerance

    • Infinitely variable sharp vision

      up close and at a distance, as well as in the intermediate range

    • Optimised fields of vision

      adapted to your individual lifestyle

    • No 'swim' effects

      i.e. lines and layers are also not blurred or distorted at the peripheral zones

    • Minimal reflections and supreme aesthetics

      for optimal vision and a natural look

    • Safety, day after day

      Protection against potentially harmful high-energy blue light and 100% UV protection

    • Excellent spatial perception

      also in the peripheral zones

Traditional progressive lens
Rodenstock progressive lens

Your advantage

Optimal field of vision

Do you lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors? Or are you often working on a laptop and like to read? The field of vision of your Rodenstock progressive lenses is specially adapted to your personal lifestyle and your viewing habits!

Depending on the quality of the lens, the size of the peripheral zones looks different. The higher the quality, the smaller the peripheral zones.

With the 3D video measurement system, the Rodenstock ImpressionIST®, the shape of your face, your interpupillary distance and all important influencing variables are also precisely measured in conjunction with your selected frame - for the best possible visual experience.

Traditional progressive lens
Rodenstock progressive lens

Your advantage

No "swim" effects

Seeing through the lens in combination with the natural movements of the eye can lead to undesirable swing effects. In addition, the different areas of focus of a progressive lens create a distortion effect at the edge of the lens. These annoying and unpleasant swing and distortion effects can lead to side effects such as headaches. With custom-made progressive lenses from Rodenstock, these effects are reduced to an imperceptible minimum.

Biometrically exact lenses

Because every eye is different

With biometric lenses, we at Rodenstock have created we have created a new generation of lenses: Thanks to innovative technologies, the center of sharp vision can be determined for each individual eye. As a result, you as a spectacle wearer benefit from the sharpest vision for every angle and every gaze, no matter where you look.

Discover biometric intelligent lenses
  • Innovative eye measurement

    To calculate your biometric lenses, a Rodenstock partner optician uses a DNEye® Scanner to measure the exact shape and size of your eyes at several thousand measurement points within a few minutes. On this basis, they can calculate lenses that fit your eyes as perfectly as possible: biometrically exact lenses - we call them B.I.G. EXACT®.

  • Custom made, perfect fit

    All relevant biometric data flows directly into lens production at Rodenstock - resulting in lenses that fit each individual person as perfectly as possible.

  • Your exact biometric lenses

    Within a few days you will receive your glasses with biometrically accurate lenses.
    This means you benefit from the sharpest vision from any angle, no matter where you look.

Durable, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective

Make your spectacles multifunctional

There are considerable differences in the quality of spectacle lenses. With glasses in Rodenstock brand quality, you can rely on proven reliability and complete satisfaction.

So-called finishes help to ensure that you enjoy your glasses for a long time. Such an invisible protective coating improves the durability, scratch resistance and anti-reflective properties of the lenses. Make your glasses "multifunctional" and choose from the proven spectacle solutions from Rodenstock at your optician.

All extras

Our guarantees and services

  • German engineering

    The perfection of our products is the essence of German quality and skillful engineering.

  • 3-month satisfaction guarantee

    We guarantee you a smooth acclimatisation period with your Rodenstock progressive lenses. However, if you are not satisfied in the first 3 months, we will replace the spectacles with another product from our range of similar quality.

  • 3-year quality guarantee on premium coatings

    We give you a 36-month guarantee on the coating when you purchase spectacles with our premium coatings.

The guarantees and services may differ from one country to another. Your entitlements under the statutory warranty remain unaffected.